Greenbanks Country Hotel


Wendling, Norfolk, England


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  • Air
  • Allergies
  • Fresh Air
  • Environmental Cleaning
  • Non-Smoking Rooms
  • Education
  • Educate Guests to "green"
  • Educate Staff to "green"
  • Participate in Green Program(s)
  • Promote "greenness" in PR
  • Donating to Charity
  • Energy
  • Alternative Energy
  • Maintenance for Conservation
  • Energy Conservation
  • Food
  • Organic Food Served
  • Eco-friendly Food Served
  • Solid Waste
  • Bulk Soap & Amenities
  • Compostable Disposables
  • Composting
  • Durable Service Items
  • Guestroom Recycling Bins
  • Hotel Recycling Bins
  • Newspaper Program
  • Recyclable Disposables
  • Supplemental
  • Additional Green Features
  • Towels and Sheets
  • Cotton Towels/Sheets
  • Sheet Program
  • Towel Program
  • Water
  • Water Conservation
  • Xeric Garden
  • Gray-Water Recycling
  • Extras
  • Conference Center/Rooms
  • Transportation
  • Fitness Center
  • Internet


Pets are welcome by prior arrangement.


We have just had a fanastic stay at Greenbanks Country Hotel in Norfolk. When we arrived we were greeted by a member of staff who showed us to our room which was a ground floor wheelchair freindly suite. I suppose sometimes you get lucky when you don't quite know what to expect before you arrive when on holiday but I have to say this was one of those occasions.

Our room opened into the incredible gardens, that were in full bloom, with a patio area just for us. The path through the garden had raised flower beds cleverly designed for wheelchairs users. All around the hotel, the gardens and around the beautiful lakes was an abundance of natural wildflowers and wildlife, a small oasis of interst.

We ate in the restaurant called 'chocoltae' which catered for my wife's gluten and lactose intollorances. The menu had been created very cleverly to cater for many different food allegies and the chef/proprietors Jenny and her son really made us feel at ease. We had some deliciuos local asparagus to start then we both had the 'Sausage and Mash' as the sausages were from the local butcher. My wife rarely eats sausages but she thouroghly enjoyed these with the grain mustard sauce. I opted for the cocolate tart and my wife had dairy fee ice cream coverd with crushed gluten free biscuit beautifully presented like a picture on a plate. The waitress suggested that the chef would make the tart gluten free as she thought my wife would like to try it. I only got to eat half of it! The next evening my wife chose the Tart!

Jenny was very helpful and guided us to a number of intersting places we visited up on the coast, Wells and Holkham and Castle Acre and also explained about all the things that happen at Greenbanks. Recycling bottles and plastics, using fruit boxes from supermarkets, composting, using reposession suppliers for building and renovation work, UV water purifiers even the rule of swimming pool users must wear swimming hats to keep the water as clean as possible so less chemicals are used.

The grounds are full of native trees and shrubs all planted by the owners, they even have free range chickens for eggs in the morning.

Our room was very spacious had a walk in shower room. The beds were just the right height for my wife to easily get in and out and low energy lght bulbs are used throughout the hotel.

We are very fussy when we go away and pay particular attention to the things that are important to us so we would like to Highly Recommend Greenbanks Country Hotel for others to stay and enjoy.

June, 2008

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