Best Green Hotels: Coral Lodge

Coral Lodge  
Colon, Panama
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This hotel was built in a local style, protecting the environment as much as possible. Environmentally and renewable materials were used in the the construction of the property.

No disposable items are used in the restaurant or at the hotel.

Plastic trash can liners are used as little as possible, and when needed, the liner is recycled material.

The hotel has a green procurement program, ensuring acquired products have minimal packaging and are environmentally friendly. Materials are recycled and recyclable, as much as possible. The hotel supports the community by purchasing as much local produce as possible, and by hiring locals to work at the hotel.

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Towel Program  
Sheet Program  
Cotton Towels/Sheets  
Alternative Energy  
Maintenance for Conservation  
Energy Conservation  
Bulk Soap & Amenities  
Newspaper Program  
Organic Food Served  
Eco-friendly Food Served  
Promote "greenness" in PR  
Educate Guests to "green"  
Educate Staff to "green"  
Participate in Green Program(s)  
Fresh Air  
Non-Smoking Rooms  
Environmental Cleaning  
Water Conservation  
Xeric Garden  
Gray-Water Recycling  
Recyclable Disposables  
Compostable Disposables  
Durable Service Items  
Guestroom Recycling Bins  
Hotel Recycling Bins  
Donating to Charity  
Conference Center/Rooms  
Fitness Center  

None at this time

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