DoubleTree Grand Junction


Grand Junction, Colorado, Unitedd States


DoubleTree Grand Junction offers a variety of green attributes as detailed below. In order to appear on our site, a hotel must possess at least 10 green attributes, so this puts DoubleTree Grand Junction in good company. The more green features a hotel has, the higher the green leaf rating up to a maximum of seven green leaves. To get more information on DoubleTree Grand Junction and to book a room at the best Internet prices, just click on the orange Website button above! Why book direct?

Green Attributes
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  • Air
  • Allergies
  • Fresh Air
  • Environmental Cleaning
  • Non-Smoking Rooms
  • Education
  • Educate Guests to "green"
  • Educate Staff to "green"
  • Participate in Green Program(s)
  • Promote "greenness" in PR
  • Donating to Charity
  • Energy
  • Alternative Energy
  • Maintenance for Conservation
  • Energy Conservation
  • Food
  • Organic Food Served
  • Eco-friendly Food Served
  • Solid Waste
  • Bulk Soap & Amenities
  • Compostable Disposables
  • Composting
  • Durable Service Items
  • Guestroom Recycling Bins
  • Hotel Recycling Bins
  • Newspaper Program
  • Recyclable Disposables
  • Supplemental
  • Additional Green Features
  • Towels and Sheets
  • Cotton Towels/Sheets
  • Sheet Program
  • Towel Program
  • Water
  • Water Conservation
  • Xeric Garden
  • Gray-Water Recycling
  • Extras
  • Conference Center/Rooms
  • Transportation
  • Fitness Center
  • Internet


Pets aren't allowed at this hotel.


Grand Junction was an interesting city, one I enjoyed exploring when I wasn't in my conference. Given how "un-green" the city felt to me I was surprised to find as much environmental sensitivity as I did at this hotel.

The creature comforts in my room included one of those individual-serving coffee machines with disposable coffee cups that seem to be so popular these days. It often makes it hard for me to make coffee into my stainless steel mug, but I do find a way. There was also individual climate control, meaning I could keep a moderate temperature in my room and not waste energy. My bed was piled with pillows, letting me choose the right size for my good night's sleep and giving me good back support when I watched TV (a 48" LCD TV energy hog)in bed.

While there were individual toiletries instead of bulk ones, they at least were Nutrogena so not too stinky or harsh. Glasses were refreshed from the housekeeping cart, making me feel good about their cleanliness. The lack of robe didn't bother me, though it seems un-Hilton like, but environmentally sound by saving the laundering efforts and expenses.

The most exciting green action I found in the hotel was the combined trash and recycling bin! One lovely wooden container that had two plastic bins -- one for trash and the other for recyclables. There's hope for the hotel industry with this device.

January 2010

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