Do you know what each job entails in running your bed and breakfast"?

Do you know who is responsible for which task?

If you answered "no" to either question, then this eGuide is for you.

Developing a thorough knowledge of your bed and breakfast before you purchase it is important to your success. Many innkeepers skim over that step and consequently struggle with their B&Bb success. Whether you are starting at the beginning or regrouping for success, my ebooks are for you.

"There are things in there that I never would have thought of -- until it was too late! The checklists will be such a valuable tool, and nothing like them is available in any of the books we've read about starting/owning an Inn. Thank you." -- Victoria Pierce, Yellow Farmhouse Inn , Waitsfield, Vermont

Knowing what tasks need to be done and in what order is something you might not have anticipated, until you were in the middle of running your inn. Make life easier and business smoother by being prepared with job descriptions and checklists so everyone knows what's expected of them. Quality inns offer consistency. Checklists aid consistency. Job descriptions support your training efforts, making for a faster and smoother transitition to seasoned employee.

Most innkeepers don't anticipate the work flow until they get busy.

Develop your bed and breakfast's job descriptions, before you open your bed and breakfast.

    This eGuide is from The Seminar Series

    Job Description and Checklists help you organize and schedule your day. This eGuide helps you manage the work involved in running a smooth B&B operation. Learn what it takes to get everything done each day.

    • Streamline your employee training and daily operations. These job descriptions and checklists will help you organize your days and employees. Enhance your hospitality and service with the consitency that comes from using checklists. Airline pilots use checklists to ensure all details are attended to for a successful flight. Their wisdom is now yours.

Quick eGuide #1.  B&B Job Descriptions and Checklists    23 pages (PDF is 132K)
Job Descriptions and Checklists -- From The B&B Lady's Library

  • Breakfast Shift
  • Housekeeping Shift
  • Evening Shift
  • Innkeeper Responsibilities
  • Breakfast Duties Checklist
  • Breakfast Duties Checklist
  • Housekeeping Duties Checklist
  • Evening Duties Checklist
  • Shopping List
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