Map Green Hotels

You can get a general sense of where in the world a green hotel is with our mapping function. You can see a world map of these hotels, if your search results are such. This isn't a road map, but a general location map of where environmentally friendly hotels are found. Whether your green hotel is found on the U.S. map (or a map of Florida, Texas or California), a map of Europe, Africa, or Canada, you can see how dispersed green hotels are around the world.

Plan your next green holiday by selecting an environmentally friendly hotel that has implemented the environmental issues important to you. Search for those hotels with an Advanced Search and then map them to know where you are going! If you have a narrower focus in mind for your next green vacation, you can conduct your search and map those results too.

After you have searched for an environmentally friendly hotel, map your results. Be aware that for best results have the search results have a fairly low number of properties or your mapping effort will be slow.

My giving a general sense of a hotel's location you may miss all of the hotels in a given city or area because their Green Hotel pointers ovelay each other. But you may find that widely separated hotels have similar green features, which is what the purpose of this function is.

NOTE: Mapping is approximate only. The hotels' sites will give you more specifics about where they are exactly located.