Soap, Shampoo, and Lotion Dispensers

Hotels are known for offering amenities like soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion for guests, and those amenities are provided in individual packages. The line-up just described entails three plastic bottles, and one or two plastic or cardboard wrappers. Once the item is opened, it needs to be thrown away. That's a lot going into landfills on a daily basis.

Offer these items in bulk dispensers. You save money by buying amenities in bulk rather than in tiny packages, and wholesale soap packaging takes less space in the landfill than individual containers.

Shower shampoo dispensers get better every day in quality and looks. They also give you the option of dispensing conditioner and bath soaps. Hand soap dispensers on the counter don't have to be one gallon dispensers, although in your public restrooms that might work well. There are lots of attractive options for soap dispensers today, and you can use the same kind of dispensers for hand and body lotion too. Luxury soaps are available in bulk, adding to your hotel's quality.

While you're thinking of amenities, this is a great opportunity to pay attention to guest allergies. Provide soap, shampoo, and lotion with herbal, natural ingredients, with no fragrances added. For a partial list of shampoo, soap and lotions you can buy for your shower dispensers, visit the forum of ECOnomically Sound.