Be a Featured Hotel

We think the Featured Hotel concept is pretty simple and we think it will make a difference to you in getting more business from being listed as a green hotel.

For member hotels, (those who sign up for the program) your listing will show a picture of your hotel -- and will not have other hotel advertising on the page.

And you can provide 100 descriptive words about the hotel or area to be added to the Comments field; this is in addition to the environmental comments we make about your practices.

Most importantly, when your property is listed in search results by our users, your listing will show first, above the other search results, in a yellow box with other members as a "Featured Hotel".

When a search term is entered in the Basic Search box, the result is a list of hotels that fit the search criteria.
The yellow box with the one hotel is how Featured Hotels are shown.

Also, your hotel will appear randomly featured in our homepage rotating equally with other featured hotels.