Fresh Air

Fresh air in hotels can be introduced in a variety of ways. The ability to open doors and windows is one wonderful way of letting frseh air into the room. But there are times that opening doors and windows for fresh air isn't reasonable; times like winter, bad weather, traffic noise, or allergies. Fresh air sometimes means clean air, as in the case of allergies and smoggy areas. Some hotels don't have patios or windows that open so they need an alternative approach. What can be done in these various situations?

Filter your HVAC system, thus providing cleaned air throughout the hotel for guests and staff alike. Distribute green plants around the hotel common areas, and even in guest rooms, to improve air quality. Some people like non-ionizing air purfiers to clean air. Vacuums with HEPA filters can help reduce pollutants as well.In humid climates, especially hot areas, use a dehumidifier to reduce molds are irritants and are air pollutants.

Why bother with clean, fresh air? Indoor air pollutants can irritate the airways and cause health problems. Pollutants include pollen, pet dander, paint fumes, dust mites, chemicals used in cleaning retarding flames on TVs and mattresses, and smoke particles from tobacco and cooking. Clean air will improve your guests' experience and your staff's work conditions and performance. It's good business to have clean, fresh air inside your hotel.

To learn more about fresh and clean air options, check out an air quality website --