Environmental Cleaning

Taking a healthy and environmental approach to cleaning your hotel will make your guests and staff more comfortable, and save you money. Environmental cleaning covers laundry, dusting and vacuuming, and the use of chemicals in your good housekeeping proceedures or cleaning services.

Laundry doesn't need lots of harsh chemicals to clean sheets and towels. Baking soda boosts the laundry detergent effectiveness. Vinegar in the rinse cycle works well to soften the wash, without leaving a tell-tale odor. For stains, a product called StainSolver works very well.

Dusting and vacuuming can stir up as much dust and dirt as they are striving to get, if you use the wrong equipment. Use a dust cloth that "captures" the dust it comes in contact with so that it's not just spreading the dust around. Vacuums need to not only get the dirt out of the carpeting, but also to keep the dirt and dust contained. A good HEPA filter will go a long way to making the vacuuming process effective.

Many cleaning products are as harmful to the people using them and to the people using using the room afterward, as to the "germs" being fought. Often cleaning products are heavily perfumed, causing discomfort to many people breathing the resulting air. These cleaning supplies cause air pollution problems, allergic reactions, and even harming surfaces like carpet, furniture, and fabrics. There are natural cleaning products on the market that will clean well and not hurt the lives enjoying the space at any time.

Cleaning your hotel is important on many levels. Think about the people involved as you design your cleaning routines.