Hotel Recycling Containers

Commercial recycling containers can be individual for each recyclable item or combined into one container, either with a compartment for each recyclable item or one compartment for everything that the recycling center will sort. The Canadian Pacific Hotel chain discovered that when they sorted their own trash, looking for recyclable items, that they also retrieved hotel items like tableware, sheets and towels, as well as TV remotes. Retrieving hotel belongings paid for the staff required to sort the trash, a bonus they hadn't anticipated.

When you decide to make recycling one of the green actions your hotel takes, make sure to promote it to guests and website visitors so they know what you are doing. People like to support environmental causes, and you'll find that many guests chose you over another property because of your environmental program and recycling efforts.

Recycling will divert items from the landfill, helping you lower your trash fees. Recycling also makes a statement about your environmental commitment, a statement your can profit from.