Environmental Education of Your Guests

Educating your guests to environmental issues is important on several levels. First, you raise their awareness of the actions you've taken, hopefully raising their appreciation of your care for the environment and thus of them. For some that translates to good customer service because they feel they are being heard and cared for. Second, you raise their awareness of what they can do to be better stewards of the land. We need more stewards. Environmental information and education about your hotel's actions and location will be appreciated by your guests.

Even guests who are environmentally sensitive and active sometimes need reminders or pointers on additional steps they can take. Sometimes they need to be educated to the special environmental issues of your location. The environmental information and education you provide may help them make a difference in your area, and in their own.

One approach that could help not only the guests involvement in your green plan but also expanding it is to provide a suggestion box, or some vehicle for eliciting more ideas, or improving on the ones you have in place. That dialogue between staff and guests will not only make your green program better but will also build guest loyalty.