Promoting Green Actions in PR

Treat your "green promotion" as an environmental education program; tell website visitors and guests exactly what you are doing and why. That kind of PR will go a long way toward your success. If you are going to the effort of planning and adopting an environmental program, tell people about it! Talk about what you do, what your staff contributes to the green plan, and be specific; and don't forget to talk about your charity and community work.

Too often the general public thinks that "going green" means "going without". There are too many four- and five-star/diamond properties around the world that prove otherwise for that old belief system to continue. But, until hotels start telling people what green actions their program has adopted, and guests see how invisible those actions are to their stay, the old belief will continue. Tell people not only what you are doing, but how wonderful their experience is going to be with you.

Being specific about your green actions also helps people sort out whether you are attending to the issues that are important to them so they can decide if thay can give you their business. That's especially true of people with a passion for travelling green, and people with health issues (like allergies). Give people the complete picture.