Participates in Green Program

Community involvement is an important aspect of participating in "green programs". When you are part of a community you learn and share, you support and are supported, and you develop "friends" and networks. And in some cases, like in with environmental issues, you make a statement of how strongly you feel about the community when you participate with one.

The green community you join may be an educational association, it may be regulatory, or it may be a marketing group. Any way you slice it, joining a green community is a great way to tell your guests what your environmental committment is.

In addition to educating you and your staff about environmental issues, your guests augment their environmental education too. "The more we know the more affective we can be," is one way of looking at that kind of community involvement and benefit. Take a public stand and join or participate in a green community.

Here are some options of green communities for you to consider joining: