Hyatt Regency Waikiki Resort and Spa  
Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, United States
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Towel Program  
Sheet Program  
Cotton Towels/Sheets  
Alternative Energy  
Maintenance for Conservation  
Energy Conservation  
Bulk Soap & Amenities  
Newspaper Program  
Organic Food Served  
Eco-friendly Food Served  
Promote "greenness" in PR  
Educate Guests to "green"  
Educate Staff to "green"  
Participate in Green Program(s)  
Fresh Air  
Non-Smoking Rooms  
Environmental Cleaning  
Water Conservation  
Xeric Garden  
Gray-Water Recycling  
Recyclable Disposables  
Compostable Disposables  
Durable Service Items  
Guestroom Recycling Bins  
Hotel Recycling Bins  
Donating to Charity  
Conference Center/Rooms  
Fitness Center  

We enjoyed our time at the Hyatt Waikiki. The staff were attentive and friendly, the spaces were clean and the location was perfect.

The green plant on the desk set a tone of vibrant and alive for us that was supported with their environmental statement of changing sheets and towels every three days during our stay.

But, oops -- our sheets and towels were changed, despite hanging our towels up for reuse. We locked them out of our room the second day, until we could talk to management about the problem. When we did talk to management we learned they change the sheets on given days, or every three days, or something -- but it had nothing to do with your stay when they changed them. We were told that they couldn't keep track of when we arrived to know when to start the 3-day sheet/towel change. When asked if they kept track of when I left I was assured they did do that. So, why won't they keep track of when guests arrive and honor the promise they make by the bed? The manager went on to assure us they have an environmental attitude, after all they use CFLs to save energy. Sheesh. This feels like lip service to me.

Speaking of housekeeping: it's variably effective. When we checked in there was already a water bottle in the trash. At least they removed it after our first night. But the single-brew decaf packet wasn't renewed, leaving us to call for one in the morning.

The wastebaskets were lined with a durable plastic so they were easy to clean and landfills aren't burdened with more plastic.The fabric shower was lined with a vinyl curtain, detracting from our fresh air.

Lamps had CFLs and the AC thermostat was set warm enough to not be energy wasteful.

January 20008

The sequel to my discussion with the management about their not-honored environmental program of towels and sheets was we took the "Do Not Disturb" sign off our door so we could get the candy at turn-down service. I was worried they would change out our hung towels, but thought better of it after the manager had told me they want to be green. Man, was I optimistic! They changed our towels while we were out to dinner!! How disgusting.

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