Recyclable Disposables

Disposables that are recyclable are much better options than disposables that go into the landfill. Of course having compostable disposables may be even better, but not everyone participates in a compost program. Avoid disposables as much as possible, but use items that are recyclable when possible.

Issues to be aware of when talking about recycling items is that they are truly recyclable. Are there coatings that don't decompose like the base material does? Will your recycling center accept that product?

Be careful to not mix items if your recycling center doesn't sort them at their site. If you put corn plastic in with regular petroleum based plastic, the entir batch is ruined. Paper can be ruined for recycling if mixed with the wrong combination of paper. The same hold for cardboards -- paper board doesn't mix with corrugated board. The rules aren't hard, but they are important.