Guestroom Recycling Containers

Help the environment by recycling. If recycling is one of the green steps you are taking, consider letting your guests be involved by providing a recycling container in the guestrooms. You can provide one recycling bin, with the recycling logo on it, that allows paper, newspaper, plastic, and glass recycling, assuming your community recycles those items Providing that kind of container shows your guests your commitment to your environmental program.

Some hotels have found they prefer sorting the trash themselves, because they have discovered that they not only can separate the appropriate recyclable items but they can retrieve hotel belongs like towels, sheets, remote controls, and tableware. The Canadian Pacific Hotel chain found that the money they saved in retrieving their belongings paid for the staff to sort the trash for recyclables.

Which ever approach you take, make sure your guests know you are recycling and how much you are diverting from the landfill. That kind of communication is valuable for staff and guests alike.